Wired tracker

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    The tracker is built specifically for routing, travel registration and location determination of your vehicle and is therefore ideally suited for fleet management.

    What makes this tracker distinctive is the fact that it connects directly to the vehicle’s own power supply so no external battery is needed. This tracker can determine the location of a vehicle in real time, activate a start blockade which allows the vehicle to be turned on and off remotely (ideal if the customer fails to fulfill his commitments), and can be supplied with a cigarette smoke detector.

    This tracker is particularly useful if you are looking for an integrated tracker that provides additional functionalities next to track & trace.

    This tracker can help you combat intensive or rough handling, curb defaulters, combat mileage fraud, smoking in the vehicle and prevent theft and misappropriation.

    How does this tracker work?

    The wired tracker is equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS chip. This ensures that highly accurate location can be determined by triangulation with GPS satellites. This location is then shared with the Rentaltracker online portal. The trackers built-in G-sensors record all sorts of data about driving behaviour and sends this to the online-portal. Because this portal is web-based, it may easily be accessed on PC, tablet, or smartphone. Or via the dedicated app, available for both iOS and Android.

    A guide is provided to quickly enable you to start using the tracker. In addition there are support video’s available under the help tab on our website.

    Placing the tracking system

    The installation is very simple. All cables use a color scheme so no misunderstandings can occur. In addition a manual is included with an installation diagram. The tracker can be connected to any voltage source between 6 and 36 volts.

    The Wired tracker features:

    • Real-time track and trace
    • Global coverage
    • G-sensors register vehicle behavior
    • Can be linked to cigarette smoke detector, start blockade, vehicle door locks and internal alarm system
    • No battery changes necessary
    • Remotely programmable


    • Power: Connecting 6V to 36V
    • Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 1.1 cm
    • accuracy: 7.5 meters
    • Battery: 200 mAh backup
    • Waterproof: no
    • Weight: 100 Gram


    Can I install the wired tracker myself?

    The Wired Tracker is quite easy to install. It is accompanied by a clear guide and installation diagram which make it possible to install the tracker without much prior knowledge, although you will need some specialized equipment like a soldering iron. If you choose additional options such as the cigarette smoke detector or start blockade it may be that you need to consult a professional installer. If so we can always help you get in to contact with a trusted partner.

    Can I use the Wired Tracker to operate the locks of the door?

    This is an option that can be installed. Currently this is not possible on site, and the vehicle will have to be transported to one of our experts. There is an installation kit under development that is expected in late Q3 2018. For more current information send us an email. info@rentaltracker.eu

    Does the Wired tracker have a backup battery?

    Yes, the tracker has a 200 mAh internal battery which lasts for several days after the tracker is disconnected.