Wired tracker

Fleet management: GPS tracker for vehicles

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The Wired Tracker

Because installation is possible in cars, trucks, mobile homes, buses as well as in various construction and agricultural machinery. The Wired GPS Tracker optimally supports you in optimizing the fleet management of your vehicles. The Wired Tracker is increasingly used for fleet management, particularly in the rental industry and in the management of company fleets.


Collect data for route, journey and kilometer registration. Location determination accurate to within 7.5 m!

In the portal you can define a specific area for your vehicles

The G-sensors register all kinds of data about driving behavior such as braking, acceleration and speeds.

The Wired Tracker has the ability to remotely activate (from your portal) the starting block of the vehicle or vessel. This means that the vehicle or vessel cannot be restarted

The Wired Tracker works on a voltage source of 9-30 V and is therefore very versatile (for all your vehicles, vessels or machines with its own power supply*)!

As an option you can order our unique cigarette smoke & smoke detector. This is easy to connect to the Wired Tracker. This prevents odor nuisance and fire damage in vehicle or vessel!

Perfect for your fleet management​

In your user portal, the Wired Tracker provides you with all the data about the location and the intensity of use of your vehicles. Customize your reports according to your wishes and use them to optimize your routes or as a burden of proof in the event of breaches of rental agreements. You can find out more about the individual functions in the overview below.

Use in your company fleet

Optimize the fleet management of your vehicles. Keep track of the locations of your company cars at all times. React quickly to changing environmental conditions.

Use in rental

Get full access to your rental vehicles. Protect yourself against missed payments, damage or other breaches of contract and lower your insurance premiums.

Tracking in our GPS tracking portal

You always have (24/7) and everywhere (worldwide) access to our GPS tracking portal. Whether on the road on your mobile, your laptop or at your workplace on your PC, you always have your fleet in view! This way you always and everywhere stay up-to-date!

Wired GPS Tracker Prices

The Wired Tracker is available for € 99. In addition, there is the installation and the monthly prices for your GPS tracking subscription, which depend on your fleet size.
Apply for your individual offer to get a precise overview of the total price for equipping your fleet.