The Rental Tracker Functions:

The cheapest provider in Europe! Global coverage & live location!
Track & Trace
Real-time track & trace in online portal on smartphone, tablet or computer. Always live insights!
Smart notifications
Receive notifications that filter unwanted customers and extreme usage from your fleet.
Prevent kilometer fraud
Automatic kilometers and trip registration. You monitor and manage your fleet by means of notifications.

Smart APP’s

Log in to the online tracking portal:

Grip on your fleet

Rental Tracker is a fleet management system developed by and for rental and (short) lease companies. Our smart GPS trackers send the location and extensive vehicle data live to the online fleet management portal.

Here you have direct insight into your fleet data. With clear, insightful fleet reports and analyzes you always have up-to-date information within reach and you gain in-depth insight into your company.

As a rental or lease company you give your cars to a wide audience. From that moment you run a risk. Examples are: Extreme use of the car, damage or fines that cannot be recovered, kilometer fraud, exceeding the agreed number of kilometers, risk of theft and high maintenance costs. Thanks to smart notifications and reports, you can intervene in time and keep your risks under control.

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    Our software

    Real-time insight into your fleet through the online tracking portal & the smart apps

    Via your browser or App you can easily open it anywhere and anytime to get an overview of your trackers. The app is available for both IOS and Android. This portal is able to convert your complex fleet data into clear and insightful reports and analyzes. It is highly customizable when creating reports and setting push notifications.

    Our GPS Trackers

    A suitable GPS tracker for every application. High tech, easy to install and real-time tracking!

    With Rental Tracker I can use my fleet optimally

    Robert Blankert
    Wagenparkbeheerder, Blankert Short Lease

    Mileage fraud is a thing of the past. We earned the investment back within 6 months

    Bauke Tuitel
    Manager, Supershortlease