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Trailer tracker

Fleet management: GPS tracker for trailers & caravans

Particularly suitable for:

Quickly assembled and ready for use.

Since the trailer tracker is wired, it is independent of the charge level of a battery.

You can find out more about the individual functions in the overview listed here.

Stealth Compact GPS Tracker Features

With the integrated roaming SIM, all our GPS trackers can be reached worldwide via the best available network. The tracker always automatically dials into the best available network and guarantees you the best possible accessibility.

The Trailer GPS Tracker sends you an individually configurable alarm notification as soon as it receives no power.

Full control.

In your user portal, the Trailer Tracker provides you with all the data about the location and the intensity of use of your trailers and caravans.

Customize your reports according to your wishes and use them to optimize your routes or as a burden of proof in the event of breaches of rental agreements.

Functions of the portal

The Trailer GPS Tracker is accessed via the RentalTracker user portal, which you can access via our app as well as via the browser.

In your user portal you will find all the data that the Trailer GPS Tracker collects about your trailers or caravans. Create (automated) reports with information for your individual needs. Set up various events in order to receive notifications in certain situations (e.g. in the case of intensive use, when leaving agreed areas or when the GPS tracker is disconnected from the power).

When determining the usage data, information about the intensity of use of your trailers or caravans is collected. Your user portal provides you with data such as speeds, acceleration and braking. You can see at any time how fast your trailer or caravan has moved at what time. You also have the option of having reports generated for your desired periods.

Our wired GPS tracker records the location of your vehicle to the exact meter. The location is accurate to 7.5 m.

With the real-time tracking function, the Trailer Tracker provides you with live data on your trailers or caravans in your user portal. Follow the current one Location as well as the Usage data your trailer or caravan.

In your user portal you can vary your geofencing settings as you wish. To do this, you define zones in which your trailer or caravan is (not) allowed to stay. You can also set up notifications as soon as your trailer or caravan leaves the zones you have defined.

The Trailer GPS Tracker provides you with your digital logbook in your user portal. Various functions are available here to display the movement images and downtimes of your trailers or caravans. You can always see where your trailer or caravan was at what time. You also have the option of having reports generated for your desired periods.

Ideal for trailers and caravans

The Trailer Tracker is a GPS tracker for trailers and caravans. Tracking takes place via a chip integrated in the license plate holder and is therefore easy to install.

Optimize the fleet management of your trailers & caravans. Keep track of the locations of your trailers and caravans at all times. React quickly to changing environmental conditions. Click here to learn more about the functions of the Trailer Tracker.

Areas of application

Due to its functions, the Trailer GPS Tracker is perfect for fleet management of trailers and caravans. The tracker can be easily attached to trailers and caravans of all sizes and types.

Prices Trailer GPS Tracker

The trailer tracker is available for € 99. In addition, there is the installation and the monthly prices for your GPS tracking subscription, the number of trailers and caravans. Apply for your individual offer to get an exact overview of the total price for equipping your trailer fleet.

  • From 1 trailer / caravan: € 6.90 per GPS tracker
  • From 11 trailers / caravans: € 5.90 per GPS tracker
  • From 111 trailers / caravans: € 4.90 per GPS tracker
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Are you interested in the Trailer GPS Tracker?

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