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Stealth Compact Tracker

The ideal tracker for theft protection

The all-rounder for:

Construction vehicles
Construction vehicles
Agricultural machinery
Agricultural machinery
Mobile toilet
Mobile toilet

The perfect GPS tracker for anti-theft protection

The Compact Stealth GPS Tracker is so small and inconspicuous that it cannot be found by thieves. But the thieves will be found by you.

RentalTracker founder Klaasjaap Beintema can tell you one story or another in which this tracker helped the police to find stolen vehicles!

Stealth Compact GPS Tracker Features

With the integrated roaming SIM, all our GPS trackers can be reached worldwide via the best available network. The tracker always automatically dials into the best available network and guarantees you the best possible accessibility.

The Stealth Compact GPS Tracker sends you an individually configurable alarm notification as soon as it receives no power.

The Stealth Compact GPS Tracker can be quickly transferred between different tracking targets.

You can change the GPS signal frequency of this GPS tracker at any time via the user portal. The greater the distance between the GPS signals, the more difficult it is to find the tracker for criminal purposes. As soon as theft is suspected, you can increase the transmission frequency of the GPS signal to receive current information about the location of your tracking target.

Theft is already prevented with preventive measures

Thanks to the geofencing function, you will be warned when your tracked object leaves a zone you have specified. You can freely choose the channels through which you want to receive the alarm notifications. In the event of an emergency, you have the option of tracking your vehicle immediately and, if necessary, initiating further measures.

Functions of the portal

The Stealth Compact GPS Tracker is accessed via the RentalTracker user portal, which you can access both via our app and via the browser.

In your user portal you will find all the data that the Stealth Compact GPS Tracker collects about your tracking objects. Create (automated) reports with information for your individual needs. Set up various events in order to receive notifications in certain situations (e.g. in the case of intensive use, when leaving agreed areas or when the GPS tracker is disconnected from the power).

Our Stealth Compact GPS Tracker records the location of your tracking object to the nearest meter. The location is accurate to 7.5 m.

In your user portal you can vary your geofencing settings as you wish. To do this, you define zones in which your objects are (not) allowed to be. You can also set up notifications as soon as your property leaves the zones you have defined.

The mini GPS tracker is smaller than a matchbox.

The Stealth Compact GPS Tracker is ideal for theft protection. Due to its compact design, the Mini GPS Tracker is almost impossible to find for third parties and is suitable for securing almost all conceivable objects against theft.
The exact dimensions of the GPS tracker are:

  • 4.3 cm high
  • 4.7 cm wide
  • 1.7 cm deep

Vehicles & trailers

The Stealth Compact GPS Tracker can be used in all vehicles, trailers or other objects. The mini GPS tracker is perfect for protecting your tracking objects from theft. Click here to learn more about the features of the Stealth Compact Tracker.

Construction machinery & agricultural machinery

Thanks to the remote-programmable GPS signal, the Stealth Compact Tracker is almost impossible for third parties to find using a GPS finder. In addition, the GPS tracker for theft protection is child’s play to install and can be used flexibly.

Other valuable objects

We haven’t listed your tracking object and you want to know whether it is also compatible with the Stealth Compact Tracker? No problem! Arrange a free & non-binding GPS tracker consultation. Together we are guaranteed to find a solution for your concern.

Stealth Compact GPS Tracker Prices

The Stealth Compact Tracker is available for € 99. There is also a monthly price for your GPS tracking subscription, which depends on the number of objects you monitor. No further expenditure is necessary for an installation! Apply for your individual offer in order to get an exact overview of the total price for the furnishing of your objects.

  • From 1 object: € 6.90 per GPS tracker
  • 11 objects or more: € 5.90 per GPS tracker
  • From 111 objects: 4.90 € per GPS tracker

Interested in the Stealth Compact GPS Tracker?

Would you like to equip your fleet and valuable objects with the Stealth Compact Tracker? Then request a free & non-binding demo GPS tracker test now or request a quote directly. Do you have any questions in advance? Then make an appointment to discuss possible solutions to your problem.