OBD tracker

Plug and play: flexible vehicle tracking with this easy-to-connect GPS tracker!

The all-rounder for:

Perfect Tracking for your fleet​

The OBD tracker collects data (route, journey, kilometer registration & location) that are important for every fleet manager. For example, car dealers use the OBD tracker to monitor their new cars during test drives (occasional vehicle monitoring). In addition, this tracker has G-sensors that register all kinds of data about driving behavior such as braking, acceleration and speeds. You will receive a notification in the event of rough driving.

In the portal you can define a specific area for your vehicles (geofencing). You will receive a notification when a vehicle leaves this area.

Specifications OBD Tracker

Quick & easy to connect to the OBD port. Immediately functional & easily interchangeable from vehicle

Real-time Track & Trace

Precise location determination with real-time tracking

In the portal you can define a specific area for your vehicles

The G-sensors register all kinds of data about driving behavior such as braking, acceleration and speeds

The mini OBD tracker is easy to hide by means of a special camouflage extension cable (optional).

Use in cars and vehicles with an OBD connection

The OBD tracker was specially developed for flexible use in vehicles. Almost every new car and many other vehicles have an OBD connection. The OBD tracker is therefore particularly suitable for companies whose activities include the sale, rental or rental of cars or other vehicles with an OBD connection.

For spontaneous use

Thanks to plug-and-play, GPS tracking can be started quickly and stopped again immediately. Thus, the OBD tracker is ready for flexible use in a rental or new car.

Car dealerships, for example, use the OBD tracker to protect their new cars from theft during test drives. You can quickly attach it, take a test drive, remove it and quickly put it back in another car.

Tracking in our GPS tracking portal

You always have (24/7) and everywhere (worldwide) access to our GPS tracking portal. Whether on the road on your mobile, your laptop or at your workplace on your PC, you always have your fleet in view! This way you always and everywhere stay up-to-date!


Plug and Play: Installation in four easy steps.


01. Plug the tracker into the OBD port.

This is usually located in the footwell under the steering wheel.

02. Activate the app on the mobile phone

Here you activate the tracker once with the data provided.


03. Track all trips continuously

and conveniently switch off tracking again.


04. Remove the OBD tracker

Simply pull the tracker or cable out of the OBD slot - done!

OBD GPS Tracker Prices

The OBD tracker is available for € 99. The monthly price for your GPS tracking subscription depends on your fleet size.
Apply for your individual offer to get a precise overview of the total price for equipping your fleet.

Are you interested in our OBD tracker?​

Would you like to test how flexibly our OBD tracker can be used in your company? Then apply for a free & non-binding demo GPS tracker now or request a quote directly.