What is the best GPS tracker?

You have decided to buy one or more GPS trackers. Smart! We notice that more and more companies are interested in ways to manage their car fleet in an innovative way. But more and more private individuals are also choosing to have a GPS tracker installed in their car, caravan or motor home.

Different types of trackers, but what is the best choice?

There are different types of GPS trackers available on the market. So chances are you are looking for more information and want to be informed about what is the best GPS tracker for you.

The basics of GPS trackers

GPS uses a network of satellites orbiting the earth to determine location. The satellites send a certain signal, and the GPS device can pick it up. Based on the signal from at least four satellites, the receiver can determine very accurately where on earth it is. Read more about how GPS works here.

Many people use GPS as a kind of universal term for everything that involves determining position, which causes confusion. GPS can be used for many different things. GPS is often used for navigation, for example, with the well-known TomTom. However, GPS tracking is a different technique. We are talking about a device that can determine the exact location on the basis of GPS and can then send this information on to something or someone else, for example, our GPS tracking software.

Personal and portable trackers

Most GPS trackers are already very small. One product that stands out even more in terms of size is the portable tracker. They are intended to locate people, and one should therefore carry these trackers with him/her. This type of tracker is compact. Think of the size of a watch. A personal GPS tracker equipped with an emergency button is generally preferred. A tracker like this is carried around for safety, and an alarm or SOS button helps.

GPS trackers for cars and other vehicles

By far the most GPS trackers are made for cars and other vehicles. You can therefore find the trackers in trucks, camper vans, caravans and trailers. But also in boats, yachts and machines for construction and agriculture.

Most trackers get their power directly from the vehicle. This is an advantage, as they do not need to be recharged. We can roughly distinguish three types of car trackers: plug and play GPS trackers, built-in GPS trackers and portable GPS trackers with a battery. What all three types have in common is that these GPS trackers are equipped with a module for mobile communication. To be able to pass on the location, the best GPS trackers make use of a data connection with the internet, among other things.

The vehicle’s location can then be easily viewed from an app on a smartphone or tablet, or from a secure web portal. The app also provides a lot of other data, such as the routes driven, the current and average speed, operating times of a vehicle, braking and accelerating and much more. GPS trackers are therefore very popular in the business world, for example, with fleet management.

More and more private individuals are also opting for a GPS tracker in their car, for example, as a form of theft protection or for keeping a trip log for the tax authorities.

Power supply for your GPS tracker

There are several ways to power your GPS tracker

Plug and play GPS trackers

This type of tracker can be easily plugged into the OBDII port of a car. If you are looking for a tracker that is quick and easy to install, this is the best GPS tracker for you. OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics, and every car made after the year 2000 has one. A car mechanic uses this port to be able to read out the vehicle. Because the port is active as soon as the vehicle is started, the OBD connector is a good place for a GPS tracker. The plug and play tracker will automatically switch on and off, and moreover, all kinds of interesting information about the vehicle can be requested through the OBD port.

Wired GPS trackers

A wired tracker, such as our Wired Tracker, is connected to the vehicle’s electrical system. They can be installed in places where they are not very visible or can be easily removed.

This type of GPS tracker has additional advantages over a plug-in tracker. A wired tracker adds the possibility of blocking the starting of a vehicle from a distance, and a smoke detector, for example, can also be connected to it. The wired version is, therefore, the best GPS tracker for business use.

GPS trackers with a battery

It is not always possible to choose a permanent installation. Sometimes a GPS tracker is only needed temporarily in a certain vehicle. Sometimes the GPS tracker needs to be used in a place where there is no power source available. It also happens that a GPS tracker is used in something other than a car.

Electric bikes, scooters, boats and construction equipment. You can secure anything with a GPS tracker on or in it. A compact GPS tracker with a built-in battery is an obvious choice in all these cases.

If you want to track a trailer or a caravan with a GPS tracker, there is a better way. A licence plate holder with a built-in GPS tracker has been developed especially for this purpose. During transport, the battery in the tracker is charged automatically. When you park the trailer, the GPS tracker will remain active. Because the GPS receiver in the licence plate can pick up the satellite signal better, this model is simply the best GPS tracker for locating trailers.

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