The difference between GPS navigation and GPS tracking

The use of technology in our daily lives continues to increase. The term GPS has therefore become more or less commonplace. We all walk around with a smartphone with GPS in our pocket.

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The use of technology in our daily lives continues to increase. The term GPS has therefore become more or less commonplace. We all walk around with a smartphone with GPS in our pocket.

Because the smartphone always knows exactly where you are, it has many advantages for us as users. Apps automatically adjust to your location, the clock always shows the right time, and the navigation app helps you find your way everywhere faultlessly. GPS has become one of the most normal things. GPS tracking is also rapidly increasing in use and popularity. It is a new application of the familiar GPS technology that we have all been using for ages.

The difference between GPS tracking and GPS navigation is easy to explain. We use GPS navigation to know where we are at that moment and what the route is to somewhere. We use GPS tracking to know where someone else is or where they have been. A clear difference and an extremely useful application of modern technology.

Suppose you are a company with a number of company vehicles, trailers and perhaps other equipment. You can use GPS trackers to monitor where your vehicles and other equipment are. But GPS tracking is not only interesting for business purposes. As a car owner, you could also use GPS tracking to see if your beloved car is still parked in the driveway.

GPS tracking for SMEs

Thanks to GPS tracking, it is possible for companies to track their vehicles 24/7. That offers a lot of advantages! As an employer, you can, of course, see where your staff are currently driving or working. But it’s not just about control, because with GPS tracking, you can also provide better service to your customers.

GPS Trackers

When someone has to rush to one of the customers, you can see at a glance who can be there faster. In addition, a GPS tracker also contributes to safety. In the event of theft, you can quickly see where the vehicle is. You can also see whether the driver is behaving properly in traffic.

GPS tracking systems can do much more than just provide location information. Our GPS trackers work perfectly with our tracking software, opening up whole new possibilities. From now on, you not only know where your vehicles have been, but you also know how long they have been there. This can be useful when invoicing for hours worked. You can see whether your company vehicles have been driven too fast. Keeping track of when it is time for maintenance becomes easier, because you can automatically receive a notification when an x amount of kilometres have been driven. Also convenient is the GPS geofencing option. For example, you can indicate your warehouse on the map. Every time one of your company vehicles, equipped with GPS tracking, of course, arrives or departs, you will receive a notification on your (mobile) device.

Clearly, GPS tracking is so much more than just the ability to constantly see where your staff and assets are. You need to see GPS tracking as a tool that enables you to do your job better, provide more service, plan better and make better decisions about your business strategy in the future.

GPS tracking enables you as an entrepreneur to manage your vehicle fleet quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter whether you have a few, dozens or even hundreds of vehicles. You can manage everything just as easily from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

GPS tracking for individuals

It is clear that a company benefits when they equip their vehicles with GPS tracking technology. But this technology can also be very interesting for private individuals. Although some people mistakenly think that installing a tracker is very difficult, in practice, it is not, especially since it is also possible to choose a plug and play tracker.

GPS tracking helps to protect your loved ones and valuable possessions. Knowing that a tracker is present in a vehicle provides peace of mind. From your holiday destination, you can see that your car is still neatly parked at the airport. If you have lent out your car, you can see exactly where it is and whether the driver is obeying the traffic regulations. These are just a few random examples to make clear that GPS tracking is not only interesting for large companies.

When you use a plug and play GPS tracker, such as our OBD tracker in your vehicle, you can see exactly where your car is at that moment on your smartphone. Moreover, in the app, you can see and download all kinds of information, for example, a trip registration that you can use for the tax authorities.

If you own a motor home, caravan or boat, you probably take good care of it. Unfortunately, theft is an ever-growing problem. Not only in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe. Gangs have ‘specialised’ in this and like to aim their efforts at parked motorhomes and caravans. Not surprising, because they are easy to take with you and often have a high value. More and more people are therefore deciding to secure these valuable items with GPS tracking. We, therefore, offer a GPS tracker for caravans and motorhomes.

The great thing is that you don’t have to constantly check the app to know if your motorhome or caravan is still in place. You can set up our GPS tracking app to automatically send you a message as soon as the vehicle is moved.