Rental cam

Camera security for vehicles​

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Camera security for vehicles​

Rental Cam is a revolution in vehicle camera security. The small and smart cameras are quick and easy to install. And through the unique APP + WIFI connection you can easily read all images in the event of a calamity.

Fleet management just got a whole lot easier with Rental Cam.

Rental Cam Features​

You can easily read images via the included Rental Cam APP.

The built-in G-sensor ensures that any collisions are immediately recorded and stored on the SD card.

2 cameras are supplied as standard, which allows you to image both the front and rear of the vehicle

Perfect for your fleet management

With the Rental Cam you always have video images in case of calamities, collisions or damage.

Impression of built-in cameras in vehicles

Use in rental

Get full control of your rental cars. Protect yourself against missed payments, damages or other breaches of contract and reduce your insurance premiums.


Prices for the Rental Cam

The Wired Tracker is available for € 129. There are no monthly costs for using the Rental Cam

Interested in the Rental Cam?​

Would you like to equip your equipment with the Rental Cam? Request a free rental cam demo without any obligation or request a quote immediately. Do you have any questions? Make an appointment for more information and a possible consultation.