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Wired tracker

Perfect for your fleet management

In your user portal, the Wired Tracker provides you with all the data about the location and the intensity of use of your vehicles. Customize your reports according to your wishes and use them to optimize your routes or as a burden of proof in the event of breaches of rental agreements. You can find out more about the individual functions in the overview below. Click here to test a demo tracker for 30 days free of charge and without obligation and / or to obtain an individual offer for the Wired GPS Tracker directly.

99.00 ex. btw.


The Wired Tracker is a GPS tracker for vehicles of all types.

Because installation is possible in cars, trucks, mobile homes, buses as well as in various construction and agricultural machinery. The Wired GPS Tracker optimally supports you in optimizing the fleet management of your vehicles. The Wired Tracker is increasingly used for fleet management, particularly in the rental industry and in the management of company fleets.

View all info about the wired tracker Here

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