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Personal protection & opportunity tracking: GPS tracker for people

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Personal GPS Tracker

The Personal GPS Tracker is ideal for personal protection and the digital marking of certain locations. By pressing the alarm button, you can localize the person who triggered the alarm or the locations marked by them.


The Personal GPS Tracker sends you an alarm when it is not receiving power or has a low battery level.

The Personal GPS Tracker is equipped with an alarm button. When you press the alarm button, a notification that can be configured in your user portal is sent to your smartphone or your email address.

The Personal Tracker can be used for various purposes (security, sports and events). When transferred to another person, this can be easily implemented in the user portal.

When the person in question falls over or lies down, the Personal Tracker gives a notification

When the alarm button is pressed for a few seconds, the Personal Tracker emits a vibration to indicate signal delivery

The Personal GPS Tracker is the size of a car key and weighs less than a wallet.

6.85 cm high
3.86 cm wide
2.35 cm deep
60 grams

The Personal Tracker can be easily hidden anywhere. The mini GPS tracker works on batteries and has an alarm button.

The Personal Tracker is ideal for various purposes.

Tracking in our GPS tracking portal

You always have (24/7) and everywhere (worldwide) access to our GPS tracking portal. Whether on the road on your mobile, your laptop or at your workplace on your PC, you always have your fleet in view! This way you always and everywhere stay up-to-date!

Personal GPS Tracker Prices

The Personal Tracker is available for € 150. There is also a monthly price for your GPS tracking subscription, which is the total number of your trackers.
Apply for your individual offer to get an exact overview of the total price.