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The personal tracker is specifically designed for tracking people and objects. To this end the tracker possesses real-time tracking functionality and a highly portable design, coupled with a long lasting 1300mAh battery. Together this makes for an excellent tracker with a very flexible application.

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The OBD plug and play is easy to use for anyone. Each car has an OBD connector. The OBD plug fits easily into the vehicle’s OBD socket and the tracker will work immediately. The built-in GPS chip, antenna or external antenna are not required.

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The tracker is specifically designed for route registration and location determination of your vehicle, making it ideally suited for fleet management. This tracker can determine the location of a specific vehicle in real time. The tracker also allows you to manage the movements of a single vehicle or even turn off a vehicle remotely. Additionally, you can, should you wish, operate the locks of the doors remotely.

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The Stealth feature of the tracker can be set according to a fixed schedule. It sends its location only when needed/instructed, enabling it to be operational for up to four years when properly configured.

It shares its location once every 24 hours (this time can increase during theft). More importantly, it is virtually impossible to detect by Stealth GPS listeners or sweepers and has no wiring or external antenna.

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Why do customers choose us?

Knowledge and control is vital for rental and short lease companies. This is exactly what our GPS tracker system provides. It gives you a full understanding of where your vehicles are and how they are utilized by the users. This is valuable information that can prevent or reduce abuse.

With RentalTracker you will see your vehicles in real time on the map. You will know the current position and status of your fleet. You can see immediately where your vehicles are located. Through reports you can request the history of each ride. The digital map provides a perfect tracking system. Set up notifications to keep you informed about your fleet and receive detailed messages when important or unexpected activities happen.

…Rental Tracker provides trackers with the most functionality and lower prices. Developed by hire, long and short lease companies, it’s this reason alone that Rental Tracker knows exactly what you need as a client

  • Plug & Play OBD trackers: no installation costs
  • The RentalTracker installation: easy to install
  • Our trackers: compact and unobtrusive
  • Works in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe
  • Coverage everywhere with very low portal costs

  • Direct online overview of your vehicle, no installation required.
  • Very user friendly app for your phone or tablet.
  • Easily export reports.
  • Smart notifications via email or app.

  • Accident and rough handling sensor
    Rental Tracker records every accident and also registers rough rides, you will automatically receive this notification e-mail or app.
  • Mileage Registration (mileage fraud)
    RentalTracker informs you exactly when the agreed mileage of a client is exceeded, by sending you a notification on your app or email. Because of this system, manipulation of the odometer becomes pointless. Furthermore it will allow you to easily allocate the cost of the exceeded mileage to a specific client.
  • Usage reports
    RentalTracker delivers the most comprehensive trip and journey reports about your fleet. You can completely customize these reports based on your own criteria. Through a separate account, reports could also easily be made available to the client.
  • Remotely disable vehicles
    If the client does not use your car according to your guidelines, you can disable the vehicle at any time. Your client will be prevented to use the vehicle and will have to contact you for further assistance.
  • Simply reclaim fines and penalties
    If you receive a fine for a vehicle, you can easily see which client and driver hired that vehicle on that date. There is evidence and proof, therefore no discussion possible and you can easily to charge the penalty.
  • Save on maintenance
    With our online tracking portal, you can set the MOT date and scheduled maintenance intervals of your vehicle.
    You will be notified before this date or a specified mileage is reached. This way you save on maintenance costs and can prevent damage to your vehicle.
  • Smoke Alert
    When smoking is contrary to your instructions and there is still smoke detected in the vehicle, you will receive a notification on your app or email.
  • Remote lock and unlock
    Rental Tracker has the ability to remotely lock and unlock the doors of your vehicle. You can also activate the starting block in one operation, so you can rent cars outside regular business hours.
  • Lower risk of theft
    Theft of a vehicle is made more difficult by the electronic immobilizer of Rental Tracker, which blocks the electrical circuit. However, you always a live insight feed into your fleet. So fighting crime is not always expensive and can be very efficient.
For further information and enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our team on: +31 020 261 2663