Our GPS trackers in comparison

from car rental company to GPS tracking provider

Before RentalTracker, we worked as a car rental company. Since then, we at RentalTracker have known what is important when it comes to fleet management.

With the RentalTracker products, we close the gap between efficient fleet management and transparent tracking. Our customers all over Europe appreciate this.

GPS tracker for fleet management & theft protection

The fleet under control! Always reachable anywhere thanks to GPS tracking. Here in direct comparison

GPS tracker for occasional use

Flexible GPS tracking of vehicles, people and objects for spontaneous use.

Data can be called up in the user portal

You can access all data that these GPS trackers collect about your GPS tracking target in your user portal.

Access via app & browser

Access to this GPS tracker is possible via our app as well as via the browser.

Global network coverage

Thanks to Roaming SIM, these GPS trackers can be reached worldwide via the best available network.

Exact location determination

These GPS trackers record the location of your GPS tracking target to the nearest meter.


When these GPS trackers leave the zones you have defined, you will receive a notification.

Alarm in the event of a function failure

These GPS trackers send an alarm notification when there is no power and / or when the battery is low.

Water & dust protected

These GPS trackers either have the option of integrated water and dust protection or are already protected from external influences by the circumstances of their installation location.

Flexible tracking subscription

You can adapt your contract to your needs on a monthly basis. It is not only possible to terminate your contract, but also to add further tracking targets or to deregister individual tracking targets.


These GPS trackers are suitable for installation in the following vehicles: cars (cars), mobile homes, vans, trucks, buses, motorcycles, construction machinery (excavators, cranes, wheel loaders, etc.), agricultural machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, boats & Yachts etc.).


These GPS trackers are suitable for installation in various forms of trailers and caravans.

Other objects

These GPS trackers are also suitable for installation in various other objects (examples: mobile toilet houses, containers, all transport racks, etc.).

Start blockade

These GPS trackers enable you to activate a start blockage for your vehicle via your user portal.

Remote programmable GPS signal

You can change the GPS signal frequency of this GPS tracker at any time via the user portal.

Real-time tracking

These GPS trackers provide you with live data in your user portal.

Trip registration

These GPS trackers make your digital logbook available to you in your user portal.

Usage data collection

These GPS trackers collect data on the intensity of use of your tracking targets. Your user portal provides you with data such as speeds, acceleration and braking.

Can be linked to other alarms

These GPS trackers can be combined with a smoke detector so that you will receive an alarm notification in the event of smoke formation. An alarm button can also be installed for manual operation.

Battery powered

These GPS trackers are powered by their own battery, regardless of the power supply of your tracking object.

Can be used flexibly

These GPS trackers can be quickly transferred between different tracking targets.