GPS theft protection

The fleet under full control

RentalTracker’s trackers secure your vehicles and objects with reliable GPS theft protection. They cannot be located by GPS scanners and are so inconspicuous that they are not immediately noticeable. This leaves enough time for the police to find the stolen objects and arrest the thieves.

Our GPS theft protection can be used flexibly.

Construction machinery
Landmaschinen 1
Agricultural machinery
Boote Yachten
Boats & yachts
Werkzeug Arbeitsgerät
Work tools & tools
Rental toilets, containers, etc.

your advantages

take action in an emergency

Receive notifications as soon as your tracking object leaves the zones you have defined. If you suspect theft, increase the GPS frequency. Support the investigating authorities by providing them with current location data.

hardly findable

Our mini GPS trackers are very easy to hide and inconspicuous. In addition, they only send a few GPS signals by default. This form of GPS theft protection can hardly be found by third parties even with a GPS finder.

not manipulable

As soon as the function of the GPS tracker fails, you will receive an alarm notification. In this way, you can check the reason for the malfunction directly and take further measures immediately in the event of deliberate destruction.

reliable function

Thanks to the integrated roaming SIM, our GPS trackers can be reached anywhere in the world via the best network. In addition, the battery life is up to 4 years with economical configuration of the GPS signal.

The optimal tracker for GPS theft protection

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Are you interested in GPS theft protection with our trackers?

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