GPS tracking for car rental companies

... developed by the car rental company:

“When I was managing director of my car rental company, my rental cars were often damaged by the inconsiderate behavior of my tenants.
With RentalTracker we have developed the ideal solution. Thanks to our GPS tracking system, you as a landlord no longer have to worry about your fleet. “

The use of our GPS trackers is ideal for these landlords:

Your advantages: payment security, legal security and cost reduction

Secure rental payments

Increase the payment pressure on your vehicle tenants and protect your vehicles in the event of suspected other contractual violations by activating the start blockade of the wired tracker.

Protection against breaches of contract & fines

Use the collected usage and location data as well as motion pictures as a burden of proof against breaches of contract by your tenants. Protect yourself from reckless driving behavior, mileage fraud, public fines, etc.

Lower insurance premiums

Benefit from fewer insurance claims and consequently lower insurance premiums: Thanks to your evidence, your tenants have to pay for the damage they have caused to your rental vehicles.

Reduce maintenance costs

Benefit from lower repair costs through fewer damage cases: Due to your burden of proof for damage caused by accidents & excessive use, your tenants will be more responsible with their rental vehicles.

Interview with managing director Klaas Beintema

As the former founder & managing director of the car rental company, Klaas knows the problems of the rental industry only too well. Together with his team, he developed GPS solutions for these problems and founded RentalTracker. Find out more about the advantages of our GPS trackers.

The right GPS tracker for your rental business

OBD tracker

Plug and play: flexible vehicle tracking with this easy-to-connect GPS tracker!