Tracking for your GPS fleet management

The fleet under full control

Our GPS fleet management is ideal for these company fleets:

your advantages

Recognize the need for action

Use real-time tracking to optimize your action decisions: inform employees who are near traffic jams or traffic blocks and provide them with alternative routes.

Delegate newly arriving & urgent orders directly to employees with short journeys.

Optimize routes

Benefit from informative data and improve your route evaluations: Analyze the holistic movement images including driving and standing times.

Set up sub-accounts

Assign individual sub-accounts to individual employees in the portal. Business trips are optimally separated from private trips.

Use reports for logbook

With the automatically generated reports you can easily manage necessary logbooks.

The right tracker for your GPS fleet management

The selection of the optimal tracker for your GPS fleet management depends on your tracking object.
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Are you interested in GPS fleet management?

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