Learn more about the functionalities of our GPS trackers

Features available for

Portal - access via app & browser

You can access your GPS trackers via the RentalTracker user portal, which you can access via our app as well as via the browser. In your user portal you will find all the data that your GPS trackers collect about your tracking target.

exact location determination

Our GPS trackers record the location of your GPS tracking target down to the meter. The location is - depending on the respective GPS tracker - accurate to at least 7.5 m.

Alarm in the event of a function failure

These GPS trackers send you an individually configurable alarm notification as soon as there is no power and / or the battery level is low.

best global network coverage

With the integrated roaming SIM, all our GPS trackers can be reached worldwide via the best available network. The tracker always automatically dials into the best available network and guarantees you the best possible accessibility.


In your user portal you can vary your geofencing settings as you wish. To do this, you define zones in which your tracking target is (not) allowed to be. You can also set up notifications as soon as your tracking target leaves the zones you have defined.

Real-time tracking

GPS trackers with real-time tracking provide you with live data about your tracking targets in your user portal. Track the current location of your tracking targets and usage data for your vehicles and trailers.

Flexible use: without assembly

These GPS trackers can be quickly transferred from one tracking object to the other.

Trip registration - logbook

These GPS trackers make your digital logbook available to you in your user portal. Various functions are available here to display the movement images and downtimes of your tracking objects. You can always see where your tracking target was at what time. You also have the option of having reports generated for your desired periods.

Comprehensive usage data

When determining the usage data, information about the intensity of usage of your tracking targets is collected. Your user portal provides you with data such as speeds, acceleration and braking. You can see at any time how fast your tracking target moved at what time. You also have the option of having reports generated for your desired periods.

Start blockade

After you have activated the start blockade in your user portal, it will be triggered in the corresponding vehicle the next time the engine is switched off. The start blockade is a tool that is particularly suitable for car rental and construction equipment rental. It offers you the opportunity to react early and effectively to breaches of contract (such as missing payments or leaving the agreed usage zones).

can be coupled with smoke detector

In order to prevent cigarette consumption in your vehicle, RentalTracker has developed a smoke detector that can be linked to your user portal via the Wired GPS Tracker. In the event of smoke development, you will receive a notification and can react immediately to breaches of contract.

Remote programmable GPS signal

You can change the GPS signal frequency of this GPS tracker at any time via the user portal. The greater the distance between the GPS signals, the more difficult it is to find the tracker for criminal purposes. As soon as theft is suspected, you can increase the transmission frequency of the GPS signal to receive current information about the location of your tracking target.

Manually operated alarm button

The GPS tracker sends an individually configurable notification to your user portal via a manually operated alarm button.