Choosing the right GPS trackers

An entrepreneur who likes to know all the ins and outs of his fleet naturally uses the right means. GPS trackers can serve a useful function in this respect.

The Global Positioning System has already proved its worth. It started out as a military system for navigating anywhere in the world. In the 1980s, the system was made available to everyone. In 1995, the system became fully operational. The system consists of a network of satellites that can determine location very accurately. GPS trackers are available in many varieties and are used in both commercial and personal applications.

The satellite sends information to earth that can be received by a GPS receiver. You will find these in navigation equipment, but also in smartphones, for example. GPS trackers can also receive this information, but the difference is that they can also immediately send the current location data again. GPS trackers are therefore often placed in cars, trucks, caravans and camper vans. But sometimes, people carry GPS transmitters as well. Because GPS trackers can be used for many different purposes, they are available in different versions.

Wired GPS trackers

A GPS transmitter built into a vehicle is really not just for the secret agents among us. More and more entrepreneurs, fleet managers and owners of (expensive) vehicles are turning to our GPS trackers.

A Wired GPS tracker is, as the name suggests, installed in a vehicle. In almost all cases, the device can be completely hidden from view. This makes these GPS trackers perfect for use with the vehicles in your fleet. Our Wired Tracker is directly connected to the vehicle’s power circuit. The GPS is therefore always online, and you can view the location of your car, bus, camper van or truck 24 hours a day.

Because the GPS trackers are installed in a vehicle, this offers many additional advantages. For example, with the help of our software, a remote start blockade can be activated. This also makes our tracker a very effective way of preventing theft.

There is a special GPS tracker for caravans, trailers and semi-trailers. The GPS tracker is concealed in a licence plate holder. Because a trailer does not have its own power supply, this type of tracker is equipped with its own battery. Even a trailer that has been disconnected and parked somewhere can be traced to within a few metres.

Compact GPS trackers

Sometimes it is not possible to install a permanent tracker, for example, because the tracker is used in different vehicles. Our stealth tracker is a perfect solution in that case. These GPS trackers have their own battery and therefore do not need to be installed. Moreover, the device is very compact, only 43 x 47 x 17 mm and therefore perfect for hiding in a vehicle or any other object of which you want to know where it is and where the tracker can be hidden.

These very compact GPS trackers are very suitable for use in cars, buses, campers and caravans. But water sports have also discovered the usefulness of these small GPS trackers. They can be easily hidden away in a boat or yacht. E-bike and scooter owners have also found a way of protecting their property against theft with the Stealth Tracker.

OBD Car GPS trackers

If you are looking for a GPS tracker for your vehicle, but do not want to have to install anything, the OBD tracker is very interesting. These trackers are of the plug and play type: you plug them into the OBDII port of the vehicle, and as long as the tracker remains there, the car can be located within a few metres.

The very simple and quick installation makes the OBD tracker very suitable for companies in the automotive industry, e.g. car rental companies or car dealers who want to give a vehicle to a customer for a test drive.

GPS trackers with (smartphone) app

Our GPS trackers are always used in combination with an app. This app can be used via a website or installed on your smartphone. This app gives the users of our GPS trackers many advantages.

With the app, you can, of course, follow the trackers, but you can also set your own notifications and get all kinds of reports.

The information that you can retrieve in the software is very diverse. From distances driven and average speed to a representation of the routes driven. This makes the software supplied with our GPS trackers very suitable for fleet management and trip registration for the tax authorities, for example.

A very nice feature is the possibility of geo-fencing. As soon as the tracker leaves or enters a set location, you can receive an automatic notification. Perfect for preventing your company cars being taken to places where it was clearly agreed that they should not go, for example abroad. But also to receive immediate notification when a construction machine leaves the construction site or when your caravan is driven away. GPS trackers can be used in many different situations.