Car tracking: with GPS, you always know the exact location

Although some may think that car tracking is reserved for police and secret services, there are plenty of reasons why it can be useful for you too, to be able to track your car anytime, anywhere.

GPS tracking is feasible for everyone

Although some may think that car tracking is reserved for police and secret services, there are plenty of reasons why it can be useful for you too, to be able to track your car anytime, anywhere.

What does a GPS tracker do?

For car tracking, you use GPS. The Global Positioning System, as the system is fully known, is a worldwide network of satellites. A GPS tracker can receive information from these satellites and determine the location on that basis.

Depending on the type of car tracking, the tracker can monitor your vehicle in many different ways. The speed at which the car is moving, driving behaviour, the routes taken. The car tracking software can even give you an automatic notification the moment the car is moved.

The benefits of car tracking

The ability to locate a vehicle using GPS tracking offers opportunities and possibilities in a wide variety of situations.

Always know exactly where your car is

The main idea behind car tracking is to be able to retrieve the vehicle location anytime and anywhere. There are a number of situations where it can be nice to have access to location information. Just think when you come back after a day out, and your car turns out to be gone. You can use the GPS tracker to quickly find out whether the car has been towed. Or maybe you lent your car to your children, but they should have been home an hour ago. Car tracking could have answered your questions immediately and provided you with the peace of mind you needed.

In the event of an emergency

In the event of an emergency, the GPS tracker always knows where the car is at that moment. In the event of an accident or breakdown, you can immediately let the emergency services know the exact location of the vehicle. The GPS receiver can calculate the exact location of the car up to a few metres. It’s especially great for when you are in a foreign country or when you are giving the car to someone else.

Retrieve a stolen vehicle faster

Even in our small country, dozens of cars are stolen every day. In many cases, the car thieves do not even need to open the car. The owners often have the keys near the front door, and in the case of modern cars, keys are often not even needed to steal them. When recovering a stolen vehicle, car tracking is a must, because many vehicles are not even recovered after theft. Gangs often steal cars on-demand, and within a few hours, the stolen vehicle is already on its way abroad. By equipping the vehicle with a tracking system, the location of the car can be followed. And this provides you with information that is very useful for the police and for recovering the car.

Trip information and statistics

GPS devices such as the Rental Tracker Wired Tracker or the OBD tracker are used in combination with an app. In this software, a lot of information is made transparent. You can see trip information, but also driving behaviour such as accelerating and braking. Car tracking can be very useful if you have to keep a record of journeys, whether or not it is compulsory.

But the very detailed information also makes it easy to see if there has been any unsafe driving. And in case of an upcoming service, the app can automatically notify you.

Frequently asked questions about car tracking

What is the best GPS tracker for a car?

A good GPS tracker provides much more information than just the current location of the vehicle. Rental Tracker’s systems work perfectly together with an extensive app, in which you can request a wealth of information about your vehicle, set up automatic alerts and much more.

How do I install a GPS tracker?

Car trackers are available in different variants. The most durable solution is, of course, to have a tracker installed in the car. The tracker is connected to the power supply of the car, and car tracking is therefore always ‘online’. This way, you can always check the location of the car. Other trackers can simply be tucked away somewhere in the vehicle without having to install them. Naturally, we can provide you with advice on car tracking.

What does a GPS tracker cost?

The costs for car tracking are made up of two parts:

  • The purchase cost of the device.
  • The monthly subscription fee, as the tracker uses the mobile network to transmit data 24 hours a day.

The price of the GPS tracker depends on the type of device you prefer. Our car tracking devices are available from € 99. The monthly costs depend on the number of trackers you have. With more trackers, you get a discount.

For whom is car tracking interesting?

A GPS tracker is interesting for anyone who wants or needs to know where their cars are. Our clients include car rental companies and car dealers, but also private individuals who want to secure their (precious) cars with a GPS tracker.

In this article, we have focused on car tracking, but our GPS equipment is also perfectly suited to monitor the location of e.g. scooters and e-bikes, but also boats and yachts, (agricultural) construction machines and campers or caravans. The possibilities are extensive.